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The governor of the Lualaba province Richard Muyej Mangez Mans won the best example of attractively price. The copper and province, the Lualaba, Kolwezi, now “the cobalt capital of the world,” has become, like the rest of the province, a strategic point for the country’s economy.

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The provincial authorities, they have a single message in their mouths: “The Lualaba will become more of a hub for investors if the political climate stabilizes and the mining operations resume their normal cycles. ยป Richard Muyej may speak the right words for the politician he is.

gouvernor of lualaba

deputy fifi masuka

Objectives of the Special Program for the Promotion of SMEs / SMIs: The implementation of this program by the provincial government responds to its desire to contribute to accelerating growth, creating new jobs and boosting exports through the promotion of SMEs / SMIs able to bring the development of local economies. The main areas of intervention are:
– The organization of appropriate training for beneficiaries and the globalization of trade;
– Setting up an information structure with a subcontracting and partnership grant;
– Promotion of markets to create business opportunities and consumers on Congolese products;
– Facilitating access to funding for specialized structures through SME / SMI promotion funds.

The mentoring of young Lualabais by entrepreneurship, as wanted and initiated by the Governor Richard MUYEJ MANGEZE MANS, is in its phase of implementation. This vision high socioeconomic range, whose primary objective is the emerging middle class, just materialize by the start of training 38 young entrepreneurs, these young people undergo theoretical training focused on the definition of concepts, project management, entrepreneurship, business, finance and savings.

Tree days training of 38 young entrepreneurs promoted by the governor Richard MUYEJ MANGEZE MANS
Represented by his deputy governor Fifi MASUKA SAINI

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Governorate of Lualaba