About Us

The Company is qualified in industrial services, material supplying, manpower, maintenance, electronic, mechanics, transport (Export and Import of minerals), supply mining equipment, chemical products, cantine and civil construction or engineering.
Having good rename and experience, we have enough means to cover all small, great or whatsoever project submitted unto us after tendering or the approved contract between us and our client.
We have that certainty that with the experienced workers who make our team much solid and enriched by the improvement programs of their own professional capacity. After being on the expertise our administration, we hope to be a part of your success.
By having a further vision,
The company aim to be a permanent solution with a quicken effect in the resolution of your company issues, of course in the limit of our ability.
We are able to work with industrial companies to identify and execute appropriate maintenance strategies and approaches to ensure higher plant productivity and acceptable operating costs.
As we know the standard requirement of the today’s company, each and every work must be performed taking heed of the work zones and site safety.
Our Company really fought and will always fight by all means to establish permanent safety teams in our entire site to escort companies in the fulfilment of the zero accident work motto stood by “YOUR FAMILY WANT YOU SAFE, SO DO WE”
Being also numbered among the safety equipment suppliers, we won’t be right to get penalties due to the lack of safety instructions observation and cause damages, injured, hurt and wounded people.


L.I.H SARL company’s domains of activities are defined as follows:
Services trading, engineering, accessories and divers etc.
Divers boiler works and welding structures fabrication
Supply labours
Painting works
IT works and maintenance and networks
Engineering, Electricity, Plumbing
Housekeeping of site, Offices, Environment etc
Tire repair
Transport of Personnel and Product on site and outside etc.
Supply of different equipment like mining equipment Divers metallic construction

Our mission is to offer our customers the finest quality and best selection of products with the quickest service in the industry. We believe good service is worrying about the details so our customers don’t have to. Beginning with its inception L.I.H has developed a reputation of offering the best line-up of Personal Protective wear, Safety Wear, Industrial Tooling and Maintenance Systems at the most competitive prices available. Furthermore, we hire and train outstanding people at our General Supply Company. This allows us to focus on treating customers as long-term partners, exceeding their expectations, and delivering every order with a speed and accuracy unparalleled in the industry.
We are very proud to be associated with a number of leading manufacturers and the top quality products they offer.

The emphasis we place on values are the pillars upon which L.I.H has proven itself over and over again. .
First and foremost, our priority is that all our customers are treated with outstanding service in all matters of business. It is with that spirit that L.I.H makes the following pledges to our customers; we pledge to guide all our actions with the utmost in integrity and honesty. We pledge to always be ready to assist and help provide solutions in any way possible. And lastly, we pledge to be available to our customers when they need us as we are only a phone call away. For you, this means never having to leave a message or chase a salesperson again for the assistance and service you rightly deserve. At L.I.H, we know your time is valuable and that’s why we always have a full staff to assist you when you need us.

About Our Services
Through our commitment to personal service, L.I.H has excelled over the years as a reliable vendor for General Supplies, Industrial Tooling and Maintenance Systems. It is with, this spirit that the staff of L.I.H shows their dedication to the task of building strategic relationships with each of our customers. Through the formation of lasting partnerships we will work to understand your organizational requirements and how it operates.

L.I.H SARL is able to offer services in the Civil engineering or works with close respect of the requirement of the client and the Employer expectation Seeing the working time experience we had been given chances to lay different kinds of walls such as concrete and blocks.From improvement Going into our
Company has been estimated able to offer services such as asphalt road construction make the drainage and other civil engineering with bricks structure concrete or considering the size, technology and construction procedure.

We have a variety of machines according to the needs, uses, climates and times and as far as the heavy load and height works are concerned, there are forklifts, flatbeds and tipper trucks for the transport of products such as cobalt cooper, surfer, lime, construction equipment

The appreciation of different cleaning and assessment to avoid troubles on the workers’ health, the company is deeply involved to assist the workers with the technology. The Company considers seriously putting its workers in a favorable, clean and healthy Environment and work place and we do the same to our valued clients who need our services of housekeeping

LUALABA INVESTMENT HOLDING is a platform in network with potential investors that identify opportunities to invest or to do different kinds of business in the Democratic Republic of Congo and particularly in the province of Lualaba. We act as a point of contact, by facilitating potential investors with the necessary tools which will provide easy connectivity between individuals and corporate investment opportunities. Our goal is to create a friendly environment for investors wishing to do business in Demorcatic Republic of Congo, where the facilitation procedure is simplified by appreciating the investors’ input and credibility. We are committed to providing our customers with a highly professional experience through our interactive platform that allows parties to engage with one another.

Our history

LUALABA INVESTMENT HOLDING (LIH Sarl) was born in order to be part and parcel of the development of the economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo and particularly in the province of Lualaba in order to achieve its goal of emerging as a powerhouse by 2030. L.I.H Sarl acts as ambassador for investment opportunities in the DRC mainly in the Lualaba Province.

L.I.H Strategy planning

lih strategies

strategy planning

From the first step of your potential investment till the very last step; we will assist you and focus on your needs, your expectations, and help guide you through market entry strategies to meet the requirements and implement the necessary strategies to maximize your incomes. We help local investors to meet foreign investors as part of  joint venture in informal sector and public / private sector. Our motivation is to come in support of government in achieving its campaign goal to be an emerging country by 2030.

L.I.H long term partnership

lih partnership

We offer comprehensive support in terms of market strategies, project study, farmland ownership, residence permits, work permits and local labour, allowing you to connect with one another. With the people concerned. We work closely with you to serve you better.

L.I.H Financial advisory

financial advice

LIH’s financial advisors will provide you with comprehensive financial advice, including assistance in the form of attaining low-interest loans for local investors. We analyse the opportunities of the sector and we offer both local and foreign investors the best opportunities in different areas. The  economy of the united states of America was developed by small and medium-sized businesses followed by China and India. LIH Sarl will also focus on promoting small and medium enterprises, another part of our objective is the small-scale industrialization of the economie of the province of Lualaba.

We collaborate with various industrial manufacturing companies to make  easier for local investors to buy industrial machinery and participate in the integrated growth of the economy of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Local and foreign investors can visit  LIH BOUTIQUE to find out more about the innovative products we offer. We also help to develop marketing strategies on how to promote your products in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and LIH can act as sale representative for your company.

 Connecting with local investors

local inverstors

We are a platform to match all  foreigners investors to meet the right local investors in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have projects already partially developed in the public / private sector that only require the investors. We have small, medium and large projects that can potentially reach up two billion American dollars investment. Contact us for more information at  info@lualaba-investment.com or fill out this contact form.

L.I.H Agriculture

lih farming 1

Agriculture is considered one of the richest sectors of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Indeed, LIH would like to focus on agriculture and livestock for the next twenty years. Agriculture occupies a prominent place in our action plan. To reconcile the deed to the word, L.I.H Sarl is planning to jumpstart the 2020-2021 agricultural atmospheres in the province of Lualaba. We want to increase the food security of the country and the region. It should be noted that the promotion of agriculture has become, for some time, the national standard. The head of state, has repeatedly hammered out the need to promote agriculture in order to reduce the influence of the mining sector on the country’s economy

lih farming 2


lih joint venture

We welcome  any National or International investors willing to work together with us, sharing the same vision to fight against poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation and discrimination against women to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. We invite farmers willing to join us in agriculture and livestock venture to the province of Lualaba. We will help you  to get farmland ownership, to secure your investments. The province of Lualaba has huge potential in the agriculture sector and an easy way to evacuate goods, through by Zambia or Angola. The local government has given priority to farmers in order to achieve food security for the province and the region.