Why should i invest in the povince of Lualaba?

The province of Lualaba is regarded as one of the world’s richest and inspiring cities. The province is Considered as pilot province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, because of its huge mining resource.
The province of Lualaba offer an attractive investment proposition for companies willing to expand their operations into both the province of Lualaba and the rest of the country market.

The city of Kolwezi is the engine of the Lualaba’s economy and is home to most of the province’s heavy mining industries. example – KCC, MUMI MANING, SICOMINES, GECAMINES AND KAMOA. The city is also quickly gain recognition as the world capital of cobalt. This only adds to the city’s reputation as a hub for business opportunities.

Many global mining operators have chosen the province of Lualaba as their destination of choice. Our infrastructure forms is the gateway to the continent and good govenance of local gouvernment provides a stable business environment. A growing skills base offers a pool of young, energetic talented armed with the values of innovation and creativity.

The province of Lualaba is an inspired place to do business, and would like to invite you to join our growing global economy by investing on our shores.

What does Lualaba Investment Holding do as an investment facilitation agency?

An investment facilitation agency aims to attract investment to a region, province or country, usually with the core functions of building its image, generating investment, managing projects and providing various services. The agency helps to introduce investors to local market; provides useful statistics, data and business information; and offers pratical support- for example, to secure permits, or complete administrative requirements.

RegardIng of the sector that your company operates in, the local gouvernment have all the elements necessary to make your investment a success. We are a region of unlimited potential, and this translate into unlimited opportunities.
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