Katebi beach Kolwezi

Kolwezi does not just have mining activity. The city also has a tourist vocation. On the banks of the Congo River, upstream towards its source Lualaba, a new magical site grows. Located six kilometres beyond the national road No. 39, “Katebi beach” is a private initiative. A small and medium enterprise called “GPM”.

“All tourists now have a magical tourist site. What we are going to see elsewhere is not extraordinary that this site while it is still a building site “, told Zoom Eco its promoter, Germain Pungwe Mabwe.

On-site, work progress slowly but surely. In the first phase of the works, the construction of the connections and rooms in the form of straw bungalows is planned; a multipurpose room with a capacity of 500 seats; and a restaurant. The second phase will consist of a garden with animals and a children’s amusement park. All, giving access to a small beach on the banks of the Congo River.
However, says the promoter, the limit means does not shake his determination to go to the end of the vision with or without investor support.

“We are still doing it alone with the means at hand. But, we have faith that it will be completed. You have to have two hands to applaud, we say. We are therefore open to investors who can come to us to accelerate this project and to finish it according to our vision: a tourist site, with international standards, open and accessible to all, “said Germain Pungwe.

This project, the cost of which has not been revealed, requires large investments in addition to human efforts and professionalism in services. In the end, many jobs will be created and taxes will be collected by the state.

“The tourism sector is paying a lot of money in some countries, why not here in Congo? With the vision of diversification of the economy advocated by the Head of State, we took this for motivation to achieve this project. We are appealing to all domestic and foreign tourists to visit us and they will not be disappointed, “he concluded.