Kayo Falls

Kayo Falls, Ipera, Kwanza, Munte, Dikolongo, Kalule. Amazing tourism sites to experience the nature
Undoubtedly one of the most impressive on the Kalule- North River, the 80-foot-high Kayo waterfall is a jewel set between lush vegetation and this rocky cliff so unique with its gigantic thousand sheets – Like structure. The access to the foot of the falls starts from the park office, which acts as a small lodge summary. The descent is tricky as sliding by the permanent drizzle. But the result is clearly worth it to admire all the force that emerges from these quantities of water thrown crashing on the rocks (provided not to break the figure on the way!). Originally, it was possible to reach from Kayo other falls on the Kalule- north river: the Dipera waterfall (1 km as the crow flies), as well as that of Kamwanga, currently inaccessible.