Manika Game Reserve

The Manika Game Reserve, A nature reserve close to Kolwezi.

This is the project crazy and dear to the heart of Willem Boulanger, this Belgian octogenarian known as an old soul in Kolwezi. This former UMHK employee has always been passionate about nature, animals and his beloved province of Katanga. So he launched body and soul for many years on an ambitious adventure: to create 11 kilometres from Kolwezi a reserve has wildlife on the model of the reserve Nakuru in neighbouring Kenya, which he has obtained advice and expertise. He did some research, identified a 9,570 ha site on the plains of the Manika in the South, including the necessary conditions (plateaus, forest galleries, streams, virgin non-mineralized and uninhabited areas …) and went in search of commercial partners. He also convinced the heads of local ethnic groups of well-founded the project and has been inducted customary chief in passing.

There will be about fifteen species adaptable to this environment and type of vegetation: zebras, buffaloes, antelopes, monkeys, jackals, warthogs, leopards. Including the Club Wasela (luxury lodges and nautical leisure activities), industrial site visits and other sites of interest in the region (Lake Nzilo …). A major initiative that will enhance the tourism potential of the city and Katanga.